EBOOK: The 5 key attributes of supply chain excellence

How do you turn a supply chain into a valuable asset that drives competitive advantage?

A well-oiled supply chain will provide you with opportunities to drive innovation, and deliver cost savings and competitive advantage.

Jeanne Reisinger worked as a supply chain leader at Proctor & Gamble for 32 years. She consistently delivered breakthrough change that improved service, reduced cost and cash, and accelerated sales growth. Today, she is a trusted value chain advisor to companies around the globe looking to transform their value chains through an integrative continuous improvement approach.

In this eBook, she shares the key learnings that will help you capitalize on opportunities and achieve supply chain excellence.


Download the eBook The 5 key attributes of supply chain excellence and find out:
  • Why constant customer focus is key
    Understand evolving trends and meet ever-changing demand by constantly reaching out to your customers.
  • How to promote collaboration and integration of all functions
    Cross-functional collaboration such as a formal process to share knowledge about customer requirements is critical to meeting customer requirements.
  • How choosing the right KPIs can help you win in the market
    Set targets that focus on input and process measures in addition to output measures.
  • How to bring different functions together to drive continuous improvement
    Horizontal process excellence is about the seamless integration of people working toward common goals.
  • How your supply chain can open new markets and grow your business
    When supply chains move from being reactive to proactive, they become an asset to be leveraged.

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