INSIGHT: Structuring and steering virtual teams: Talent through COVID-19 and beyond

Are you building highly effective virtual teams?

COVID-19 has drastically reshaped the working world. Prior to the pandemic, remote work and virtual teams had already been growing in popularity – prompting businesses to rethink talent strategies. Then within three weeks of COVID-19’s outbreak in major nations, the proportion of people working from home had doubled.

Virtual teams have become a business necessity and armed with smart leaders, an effective communication strategy and the right technologies, these teams can give an organization greater agility, mitigate risks and drive efficiencies now and into the future.


Download the insight Structuring and steering virtual teams: Talent through COVID-19 and beyond and learn more about:
  • Talent shifts predating COVID-19
    Maintain a clear vision of the broad contexts and future horizons for talent strategies.
  • How virtual teams can widen the recruitment net
    Organizations can leverage new talent regardless of location, which opens potential associated gains such as meeting diversity goals.
  • The challenges of remote teamwork
    Issues such as disjointed communication, reduced employee commitment and loyalty, and a lack of trust or accountability need strong leadership.
  • How leaders can navigate these challenges
    Strategies for leaders to manage and fully engage virtual teams.
  • The roots of effective teamwork
    Instill the right work ethic by prioritizing and re-energizing some of the fundamentals.
  • How to instill cohesion in virtual teams
    Despite the physical obstacle, virtual teams still need togetherness.
  • Getting technology working for everyone
    Tips to avoid overwhelm or confusion created by multiple technology platforms and alternatives.
  • Leading successful virtual teams
    Synthesizing the efforts of remote employees takes special management skills.
  • Developing the right talent strategies
    Invest, systemize and monitor knowledge and capability building as part of a change management program to hone the organization for competitiveness.
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