HOW-TO GUIDE: Developing a customer-focused quality improvement plan

Are you meeting, possibly exceeding, your customers’ expectations with a quality product?

World-class manufacturing organizations are constantly pursuing excellence by ensuring that their products are fit for purpose and keep improving.

Producing a quality product involves carefully listening to your customers, understanding their needs, and incorporating their feedback into your quality improvement plan.


Download the how-to guide Developing a customer-focused quality improvement plan and discover:
  • How to identify your customers’ needs
    Apply these customer feedback exercises to determine the “Critical to Quality” requirements.
  • Key steps for creating a quality control plan
    Document your product’s quality with a quality control plan – downloadable template included.
  • How to shift from quality controller to enabler
    Empower your frontline employees to resolve quality issues at source.
  • Tools and techniques for process and product improvement
    These tools help prevent nonconformance rather than finding and correcting errors.
  • Guidelines to conduct a quality review
    Confirm compliance against quality criteria by conducting a quality review – downloadable checklist included.


PLUS: Get a downloadable 12 steps to reduce variation with centerlining infographic and a set of 3 service recovery awareness posters

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