HOW-TO GUIDE: Making time for operations improvement

Is your organization caught up in a firefighting culture?

A firefighting culture still exists in many organizations: a daily frenzy of finding temporary solutions to recurring problems. Getting out of this mindset and into a problem-solving culture that quickly and routinely uncovers the root cause of a problem requires rethinking and improving the current way of working.

But leaders shouldn’t view improvement as a time-consuming task that takes away valuable production time. It should become part of your organizational DNA – an integral part of every person’s job that saves time in the long run.


Download the how-to guide Making time for operations improvement and learn how to:
  • Anchor your improvement drive with 5S
    5S is one of the critical first steps to implementing a continuous improvement culture.
  • Get participants’ buy-in with profit improvement projects
    These quick wins help to build excitement and get support for the improvement drive.
  • Formalize problem-solving with the right tools
    Structured problem-solving gives your people the tools they need to uncover the root cause of a problem.
  • Make loss and waste awareness second nature
    Constantly searching for nonvalue-adding activities helps to eliminate these common wastes.
  • Save time with efficient meetings
    Get tips to conducting well-structured meetings that drive accountability and discipline.


PLUS: Get the downloadable step-by-step profit improvement project infographic and a set of shop floor posters to help you identify waste


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