INSIGHT: Digital operating systems: The organizational need for guidance

Achieve digital excellence with customized solutions

A well-orchestrated implementation strategy is key to unlocking the power of a digital operating system (DOS). But there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach: a DOS rollout needs to be customized to your organization’s unique needs to effect end-to-end transformation with minimal disruption.

A road map to harness the benefits of digital technologies

The question for manufacturers is no longer whether to digitalize or not – it’s how to design and implement a digital transformation journey for future sustainability in a fast-moving world.

A DOS implementation can be costly and complex – but, when guided by a digital integrative improvement system, it can seamlessly transform a lean supply chain into an interconnected, agile end-to-end value network.


Download the white paper Digital operating systems: The organizational need for guidance to find out more about:
  • Becoming world class
    The 7 defining characteristics of organizations that have achieved world-class DOS maturity
  • The 3 stages of an effective DOS orchestration
    Get a detailed insight into the Assess, Plan, Execute and Sustain approach that forms the backbone of a successful DOS implementation journey
  • Building the factory of the future
    How an integrative improvement system can orchestrate your transition to DOS with a stage-based, fully customized solution
  • Real-world examples
    Find out how TRACC is unlocking digital capability at leading organizations, including global food corporation, Cargill


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