HOW-TO GUIDE: Managing change across the organization

Are you ready to lead the change?

The world of work is in a constant state of flux caused by heightened global competition, new technologies, changing workforce demographics, unexpected disruptions, like the COVID-19 pandemic, and many more factors.

As a leader, you need to embrace this inevitable change and become more adept at both leading and managing change. You must become much better at communication, planning and follow-through, and you need to be more skilled at engaging stakeholders at all levels when leading and managing change across an organization. This is because if your change efforts go wrong, the costs are high – financially, but also in terms of confusion, lost opportunities, wasted resources and diminished morale.


“Today, a reluctance to change based on favorable internal conditions is akin to standing still in the middle of a race, since any company not seeking constant improvements will quickly see their competition disappearing in the distance.”
Ashley Braganza, Radical Process Change


Download the how-to guide Managing change across the organization and learn how to:
  • Make change management successful
    7 success factors taken from US-based research company Prosci’s benchmarking report on Best Practices in Change Management.
  • Manage and anchor change
    An 8-step process for leading change, developed by recognized change management expert John Kotter.
  • Choose the right change methodology
    Today there is a plethora of change methodologies and models from which to choose, many of which share the same principles and practices.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a change methodology
    2 change management checklists that help you when evaluating a new methodology or the effectiveness of a methodology you currently have in place.

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