CEO’s commitment to drive safety and process improvement propels IPL to world class

“The results at IPL speak for themselves – you can’t argue about a half a billion dollar productivity saving.” – James Fazzino, former IPL MD and CEO

In 2010, many of IPL’s plants were in crisis. Costs were high and productivity and plant reliability were suboptimal.

Former CEO James Fazzino set out to build a high-performance culture that would transform IPL into a productivity powerhouse.

The result was Business Excellence (BEx), a TRACC-powered workforce empowerment initiative that yielded substantial shareholder returns.

Read CEO’s commitment to drive safety and process improvement propels IPL to world class for an in-depth insight into IPL’s dramatic turnaround.

Results include:

  • Approximately AU$300 million reduction in working capital
  • 20% improvement in OEE at Initiating Systems plants
  • 35% reduction in recordable safety-related injuries
  • Record output at IPL’s largest chemical plants globally
  • Over AU$570 million in EBIT gross benefits, including AU$84 million in 2017

These record-breaking results transformed IPL’s organisational culture. Appreciative Inquiry interviews conducted with 75 employees revealed nine major themes that drove the programme’s success:

  1. Improvements in safety being synonymous with improvements in processes
  2. The core of BEx is about culture change
  3. The importance of strong leadership to coach and support the sites
  4. Effectiveness of Tier 1 and Tier 2 problem-solving (operator and supervisor levels)
  5. The importance of visual management
  6. Improvements in productivity, volumes and OEE
  7. Improvements in machine reliability and turnarounds
  8. The importance of a BEx mindset during greenfield commissioning
  9. Best practice standardisation