EBOOK: The definitive guide to integrative improvement

What is integrative improvement?

Unlike standalone improvement methodologies, integrative improvement integrates all functions and processes across the value chain to embed operational excellence in the very fiber of the business. It is a holistic and sustainable approach to continuous improvement (CI) – combining and integrating multiple CI approaches simultaneously. Integrative improvement provides a solid foundation of best practice and work process improvement, helping to increase end-to-end value chain efficiency, grow revenue faster, maximize value to customers, and ensure the organization remains resilient when faced with any disruptions.


Integrative improvement has already delivered remarkable results for leading global organizations:
  • DuPont China achieved $8.1 million hard savings on improvement projects
  • Incitec Pivot Ltd achieved half a billion dollars in productivity savings
  • Distell achieved $174 million cost savings over a five-year period
  • CBPC Coca-Cola suppliers reduced CO₂ emissions by 490 tons and water usage by 11 000 tons
  • Coca-Cola Andina increased OEE by 8% over five years
  • SCMC Xiamen reduced setup time from 12 hours to four hours within the first 12 months


Download the eBook The definitive guide to integrative improvement and find out more about:
  • The definition of integrative improvement
    The what, how and why of integrative improvement, and why running and improving the business must happen simultaneously.
  • The building blocks of integrative improvement
    Integrative improvement’s three structural components for an effective organization-wide transformation.
  • How integrative improvement can transform your value chain
    The significance of taking a cross-functional and supply chain practices approach to drive results.
  • Why integrative improvement is the new frontier of continuous improvement
    Although CI projects often result in success, these projects are usually implemented in isolation and don’t deliver sustainable results.
  • The common features of an integrative improvement system and its benefits
    These features will positively impact your organization’s bottom line and benefit your customers too.
  • The ROI of integrative improvement
    A list of typical financial results you can achieve with an integrative improvement solution.
  • Achieving world-class business performance with integrative improvement
    While various CI platforms have important differences, success is often primarily determined by these three things.
  • The TRACC Value Chain Improvement Solution
    TRACC is the only digital integrative improvement solution that helps leading manufacturing and supply chain organizations achieve sustainable results through best practice and work process improvement.


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