HOW-TO GUIDE: Driving employee engagement on the CI journey

Are you struggling to keep your people committed to the CI vision?

Continuous improvement (CI) is not a project: It is a culture change embedded in the DNA of any world-class manufacturing organization striving for excellence. Initial CI activities may include project-based activities, but CI doesn’t stop once short-term improvement objectives have been achieved. Although these initial activities should encourage employee engagement, the real challenge comes later – when interest in CI activities often begins to wane.

Understanding the long-term benefits of CI helps to inspire people to achieve a sustainable CI strategy.


These long-term CI benefits include:
  • A proactive learning culture where everyone is encouraged to keep up with technology and trends
  • Productivity, teamwork and lower employee turnover
  • Eliminating waste, for example by removing nonvalue-added steps in a process
  • Reducing cost
  • Reducing lead times
  • Improving product quality by reducing the number of defective products and errors that occur
  • Improving flexibility and responsiveness by streamlining all processes
  • Products and services that anticipate customer needs, resulting in better customer service


Download the how-to guide Driving employee engagement on the CI journey and find out how to:
  • Constantly reinforce the CI vision
    Make the CI process part of your plant’s daily management system and a regular agenda item for the various meetings.
  • Build confidence and reassure people
    Regularly communicate with your people by answering questions and consolidating their understanding of the various activities taking place.
  • Build skills and encourage new behaviors
    Coaching and training sessions build your employees’ capabilities and competencies, and minimize any resistance to change.
  • Create a sense of ownership and pride
    Encourage participation and collaboration, and make people feel like they are part of the solution.
  • Motivate your people to stay focused on the goal
    Reward progress and recognize achievements through formal or informal recognition.
  • Show your support for the CI culture
    Actively embrace Lean and best practice principles by incorporating them into your daily routine.

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