TRACC San Diego Summit, 12-13 September 2013

More than 120 executives and Continuous Improvement (CI) practitioners, from over 30 different companies and 14 countries, attended the 2013 San Diego TRACC Summit. This event fostered collaboration and networking that maximised the opportunity for leaders to learn from each other’s efficiency improvement programmes, experiences and insights. The focus of the Summit was centred on the importance of manufacturing best practices in the optimisation of an organisation’s end-to-end value chain.

The Summit imparted visionary thinking, thought leadership, and best practice implementation case studies ― delivered by leaders from DuPont, Kellogg’s, Lion, IPL, CCI, Zinata, SABMiller, Universidad Panamericana, Accenture, Blue World Supply Chain Consulting, and Michigan State University.


Supply Chain Transformation through Strategic Alignment
Victor Muñoz
Victor Muñoz , Continuous Improvement Manager , Kellogg's

Victor Muñoz discusses the importance of strategic alignment in supporting supply chain transformation at Kellogg’s.

DuPont’s Improvement Journey
Donald D. Wirth
Donald D. Wirth , Vice President, Global Operations, Corporate Supply Chains , DuPont

Donald Wirth presents DuPont’s journey to sustained improvement.

From Manufacturing to Supply Chain Excellence
Julian Scott
Julian Scott , Group Manufacturing Excellence Director , Lion

Julian Scott presents Lion’s improvement journey from manufacturing to supply chain excellence.

Value Chain Improvement through TRACC
Lance Tinney
Lance Tinney , Senior Vice President , Incitec Pivot Limited

Lance Tinney shares Incitec Pivot Limited’s early learnings from implementing the Value Chain TRACC suite.

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