CBPC Limited Supplier Summit – Qindao, China 2018

Approximately 200 executive leaders from more than 75 companies attended the two-day CBPC Limited Supplier Summit in Qingdao, China.

The summit focused on how manufacturing best practices can transform and optimise an organisation’s end-to-end value chain.

Leaders from CBPC Limited, Dison Packaging, CPMC, Dong Guan Zheng Xin Packaging, DSM and CCi shared continuous improvement insights, performance optimisation strategies, and best practice implementation case studies.

Delegates also took part in a dynamic panel discussion on the role leaders play in developing a world class organisation.


World Class Operations and Sustainability in CBL
Roland Hu
Roland Hu , Group Procurement General Manager , COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd.

Roland Hu discusses the ‘trust formula’ between bottlers and suppliers, and the creation of a common vision, benchmark and language for continuous improvement and supply chain excellence.

The Evolution of Continuous Improvement
Pei Qinghua
Pei Qinghua , General Manager , CCi China

Pei Qinghua discusses the evolution of continuous improvement and how TRACC integrates various CI approaches to provide an integrative improvement solution.


Key Principles to Drive Supply Chain Efficiency: How to Improve Supply Chain Cost, Reliability and Responsiveness
Carl Loubser
Carl Loubser , VP Supply Chain (Specialist) , CCi

Carl Loubser discusses the importance of a demand-driven supply chain, and how a combination of people, practices and processes contributes to the creation of a world class supply chain.

WCO Journey Sharing by CBPC Suppliers – The Role of Management in the Implementation of WCO
Liu Yuanyuan
Liu Yuanyuan , Production support manager , CPMC

Liu Yuanyuan discusses how leaders need to encourage employees to actively participate in change initiatives; increased morale and enthusiasm have a significant impact on productivity.


WCO Journey Sharing by CBPC Suppliers – Effective Utilization of Resources to Implement WCO
Luo Zhenghua
Luo Zhenghua , Production Director , Dong Guan Zheng Xin Packaging

Luo Zhenghua discusses management’s role in the success of continuous improvement initiatives, and how the effective use of resources drives world class operations.

Learnings from the Packaging Industry: How Improved Practices Drive Performance in a Packaging Supplier
Carl Loubser
Carl Loubser , VP Supply Chain (Specialist) , CCi

Carl Loubser discusses how WCO helped Can-Pack evolve from a small local supplier into a global powerhouse, and how it helped Nampak achieve a 500% return on investment.


Suppliers’ Operational Management from KO Technical’s Perspective
Sarah Sun
Sarah Sun , Supplier Management Senior Manager , Coca-Cola, Greater China

Sarah Sun discusses continuous improvement efforts in Coca-Cola’s technology department, and how CI can improve product quality through the development of a quality awareness culture.

Swire Beverages’ CI Journey
Li Ping
Li Ping , Director, Continuous Improvement & Performance Management , Swire Beverages

Li Ping discusses how a CI culture has contributed to significant performance improvement at Swire. He also explains how changes to organisational structure, systems, culture and behaviour are vital stepping stones on the journey to world class.


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