TRACC Community Connect Event, Mumbai 2019

Members of the Asia-Pacific TRACC Community and other high-performing companies attended this one-day event where Dr Dino Petrarolo, Senior Vice President at CCi, delivered the keynote address on the topic ‘The Future World of Work – Operational Excellence in the Digital Age’.

Leaders from Asian Paints, DuPont, SABMiller and Diageo shared successes, insights and key learnings gleaned on the TRACC continuous improvement journey. Delegates also enjoyed an engaging panel discussion on the business demands for immediate ROI, and the benefits of a short- vs long-term approach.

The event offered attendees the opportunity to network with peers, share best practice insights and unpack the latest industry trends.

Some key learnings from our delegates:

“Commitment is of prime importance to achieving your vision.” – Subhash Mann, Quality Manager, Beam Suntory India

“Engagement of all teams, at all levels, is critical.” – Varun Seth, Director, Pearl Polymers Ltd

“Lots of practical insights, the power of having an integrated platform like TRACC, and partnering for manufacturing excellence.” – Ramchandra Palakodeti, Managing  Partner, Lean Transformation Services, Hyderabad

“Running and improving the business go hand in hand.” – Vijay Krishna, Factory Manager, ITC Ltd


Asian Paints: Keys to a Successful Transformation
Chetan Singh
Chetan Singh , Process Improvement-Manufacturing Excellence Manager , Asian Paints Ltd

Chetan discusses why transforming your business is essential for both survival and growth, the ‘ACE’ of a successful transformation, and how to create the right ecosystem for teams to flourish.

SABMiller: Driving Results with WCM
Vincent Oliver
Vincent Oliver , Former Manufacturing Development Manager , SABMiller

Vincent discusses SABMiller’s global WCM programme, The Manufacturing Way, that was rolled out to nine sites over three years using the TRACC road map. He shares how they developed a vision and planned its progress, and delves into some of the challenges faced along the way.


DuPont: Delivering Returns with the TRACC-powered DPS
Hemant Patel
Hemant Patel , Senior Executive, DuPont Production System , DuPont

Hemant looks at the birth, approach, learnings and successes of the DuPont Production System (powered by TRACC), a system which returned $2 billion to the business in two years.

Diageo’s Journey to Manufacturing Excellence
Krishna Wargat
Krishna Wargat , Head of Manufacturing Excellence , Diageo, India

Krishna offers insights into Diageo India’s performance improvement journey, emphasising the significance of leadership, rapid deployment and sustainable improvements.


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