TRACC Stage 4 User Conference, Guangzhou, China 2018

Supply Chain leaders and experts from Lion, Incitec Pivot Ltd, Swire Beverages, Coca-Cola SCMC, DuPont, Mengniu Dairy Group, Diageo India, Beam Suntory, The Coca-Cola Company, China Resources Snow Breweries Ltd, R&G Global Consultants and Orlye – Engineering Solutions joined CCi for the first TRACC Stage 4 User Conference to share best practices and discuss what great looks like at advanced stages of maturity on the TRACC continuous improvement journey.

The event provided a platform for organisations at a similar level of maturity to network, offer insights into challenges, share solutions, and clarify the TRACC Stage 4 and 5 processes for advanced operations.

Client discussions revolved around the incorporation of Industry 4.0 into TRACC practices, the integration of TRACC across the value chain in Stage 4, as well as a look at the hallmarks of Stage 4 performance.


Benchmarking, Knowledge Management and Systemic Improvement
Ed Koch
Ed Koch , Managing Director , ValuPoint Limited and CCi Europe business partner

Ed Koch discusses how SABMiller leveraged global benchmarking, knowledge management and systemic improvement initiatives to deliver multi-site performance improvement and millions of dollars in savings.

Performance – practice correlations and factors influencing success
Julian Scott
Julian Scott , Manufacturing Excellence Director , Lion

Julian Scott shares a case study on performance insights and describes how Lion is driving high levels of performance improvement through practice.


Advanced Teamwork Practices at Beam Suntory
Martha Castro
Martha Castro , IT Business Relationship Manager , Beam Global Spirits & Wine

Martha Castro discusses how a combination of advanced teamwork practices at Beam Suntory Tequila, Jalisco Mexico, and Industry 4.0 visual management technology delivered a 73% reduction in costs.

Autonomous Maintenance that delivers performance
Stuart Baak
Stuart Baak , Best Practice Director , Lion

Stuart Baak presents the advanced user-driven maintenance practices that have significantly increased performance improvement levels at Lion.


NGF: Next Generation Factory
Khalil Hilali
Khalil Hilali , Managing Partner , Orlye

Khalil Hilali describes how the shift to digital can help future-focused factories increase productivity, lower costs and improve quality.

Swire Beverages’ Supplier Development Journey
Li Ping
Li Ping , Director, Continuous Improvement and Performance Management , Swire Beverages

Li Ping discusses how Swire Beverages’ suppliers have significantly improved performance, quality and production in the course of their WCO journey.


How to create business impact with big data
Aart Willem de Wolf
Aart Willem de Wolf , Managing Partner , R&G Global Consultants

Aart Willem de Wolf examines some of the myths surrounding big data, and discusses how data-driven leadership generates business results faster and with more impact.


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