INSIGHT: Digital operating systems: The next generation of production systems

Are you ready to transform?

Production systems are evolving. By leveraging leading-edge technologies, modern production systems (or digital operating systems) will unlock new levels of productivity and innovation. But how will you recalibrate your organisation for success?

Transition to the new world of work with digital operating systems (DOS)

Speed and agility are the new competitive imperatives ‒ transitioning to DOS will ensure that manufacturing operations become the bedrock of an intelligent, connected, digital supply chain. But to capitalise on the benefits of DOS, organisations will need to align people, practices and processes with new technologies.


Download the white paper Digital operating systems: the next generation of production systems to find out more about:
  • Getting the basics right
    Best practices, lean principles and an integrated continuous improvement approach are the building blocks of a successful transition to DOS.
  • Embracing new technologies
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is projected to unlock US$13 trillion in value in the decade ahead – so why is digital migration lagging?
  • Assessing your digital maturity
    Understanding your digital maturity is the starting point of your DOS implementation – but what are the key assessment areas?
  • Developing an implementation road map
    5 key focus areas that will guide your DOS implementation and create a foundation for digital excellence.
  • Digital orchestration systems
    Migrating to DOS is a complex undertaking ‒ but a digital orchestrator can make the transition seamless.
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