EBOOK: The definitive guide to integrative improvement

Sustainable business performance improvement is the key to unlocking greatness at every level of the organisation.

Unlike standalone improvement methodologies, integrative improvement integrates all functions and processes across the value chain to embed operational excellence in the very fibre of the business.

This unique approach to continuous improvement has delivered superior business results for leading global organisations:
  • DuPont China achieved $8.1 million hard savings on improvement projects
  • Incitec Pivot Ltd achieved half a billion dollars in productivity savings
  • Distell achieved $174 million cost savings over a five-year period
Download The definitive guide to integrative improvement to find out:
  • Why integrative improvement is the new frontier of continuous improvement
  • How integrative improvement can transform your value chain and deliver maximum ROI
  • How an integrated approach to continuous improvement prepares your organisation for a successful digital transformation
  • How global organisations across multiple industries are unlocking superior performance with integrative improvement

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