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The integrative improvement blog discusses and provides commentary on the latest topics in the business performance improvement sector.

10 reasons why your production system design could be flawed

Too often, organisations implement misunderstood CI tools and techniques through a myriad of disjointed and isolated projects, hoping for the best. While these projects may well deliver quick wins internally, they have virtually no impact on achieving sustainable transformation across the organisation. Being successful in sustaining these efforts requires careful thought about production system design.

6 maintenance planning steps to get you out of firefighting mode

Most asset intensive organisations recognise that efficient and effective maintenance planning and scheduling is one of those cornerstone processes that can help assure equipment reliability and assist with attaining operational excellence. Yet studies show that most companies still do not perform maintenance planning effectively.

6 lean coaching skills for bottom-line success

The success of lean systems – and continuous improvement in general – relies on engaging the hands and minds of everyone in the upkeep and renewal of the system. It requires constant practice and a strong will to compete and not become complacent. The following 6 lean coaching skills will serve a dual purpose in their execution.

6 strategic goal-setting steps for smarter business performance

Which would you rather have: a 25% improvement goal and accomplish 28%; or a 75% improvement goal that only yields a 67% improvement but jump-starts the new way you’re going to manage business performance? This blog offers six strategic goal-setting steps to help you optimise business performance.

When should DMAIC be your go-to problem-solving tool?

Most CI practitioners with some knowledge of Six Sigma will know that the basic DMAIC road map forms the backbone of any process improvement initiative. The steps make sense, they are easy to understand and they are logical in their sequence. But how do you know when to use such a structured problem-solving method for a particular process?

Procurement 4.0: How does your organisation measure up?

The digital revolution has given rise to a new concept: Procurement 4.0. Over the next five to eight years, this disruptive trend will create substantial changes in the procurement world. To steer the change, procurement professionals need to capitalise on the four upshots of Industry 4.0.

9 essential problem-solving actions every ops manager should take

Operations and manufacturing problem resolution is at the heart of value chain management. When these departments encounter obstacles, everything else stops. As a result, problem-solving within the operations or manufacturing environment is uniquely challenging and urgent. Following is an overview of nine essential actions to take for sustained success.

5 smart tech practices to gear up for the new industrial revolution

Past industrial revolutions occurred at a relatively slow pace, like long waves in the ocean. Today, technological change happens like a tsunami – you see small signs at the shore, and suddenly the wave sweeps in. The following five smart technology practices will help you prepare your organisation for the impact of the fourth industrial revolution, which is fast gaining traction around the globe.

CCi listed as a sample vendor in Gartner Hype Cycle

As an emerging global authority on integrative improvement, Competitive Capabilities International (CCi) was listed as a sample vendor of lean production systems in the 2016 Gartner Hype Cycle for Manufacturing Strategy.

10 steps to help you choose the right CI journey partner

The road to continuous improvement can be long and arduous, especially if it’s just one of many important efforts your organisation is pursuing in its quest for world class competitiveness. So it’s important to first determine where you want to go before selecting the path and the appropriate CI journey partner. These 10 steps will help you make the right choice.