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Why it’s time to rethink your approach to asset lifecycle management

Rising asset capital cost and complexity have resulted in a surge in operational and financial risk. This has intensified pressure from shareholders and regulatory bodies to improve asset lifecycle costing and reporting. Fortunately, by following a total asset lifecycle management approach, you can better manage your assets for long-term business competitiveness.

How to use digital lean to fast-track transformation

With the advent of digital manufacturing, traditional lean is being catapulted to another level. A recent study indicates that traditional lean’s focus on shop floor execution has become too narrow for today’s complex, linked value chains and adaptable manufacturing environments. What’s needed, according to the study, is a ‘digital lean’ approach.

Could predictive maintenance be manufacturing’s winning ticket?

If you could see into the future, you would never miss a production target, endure a safety incident, or have a machine go down. While this will remain an elusive dream, you can, however, predict the future. With predictive maintenance, you can uncover unnecessary maintenance, which could save you millions of dollars in the longer term.

A 5-step action plan to transform your operational excellence ecosystem

Forward-thinking executives around the world are increasingly viewing operational excellence (OpEx) as a key driver of top-line growth, and no longer as just a tool for incremental process improvements at operational level. They understand that OpEx project teams and processes are best placed to create disciplined frameworks to gain competitive advantage.

How the three SMED steps can help you streamline changeovers

For an F1 pit crew, changing four tyres takes less than 15 seconds. This is living proof that changeover times can be reduced by analysing each element to see if it can be eliminated, moved, simplified or streamlined. In manufacturing maintenance, single-minute exchange of dies (SMED) can dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete equipment changeovers.

How a continuous improvement leader can stay relevant in a maturing organisation

Much like a product life cycle, a continuous improvement leader’s life cycle may start small, grow as the leader becomes more aligned with the organisation’s mission, and then subside somewhat as performance improvement matures. So to stay relevant in a maturing organisation, consider broadening your skill set.

8 ways to build a culture of continuous improvement – and make it stick

Building an effective culture of continuous improvement (CI) is not just about executing a cluster of improvement projects. While it’s a good place to start to reap tangible rewards, more is required to drive sustainable results over time and embed continuous improvement in the organisation’s DNA.

How to uncover hidden wastes with a loss and waste analysis

Though manufacturing is the heartbeat of every industrialised nation, mass production is a complex process that requires vast amounts of energy and resources to transform raw materials into finished goods. A loss and waste analysis offers a framework with which to assess the status quo and optimise manufacturing performance.