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3 key talent strategies for smart manufacturers

With digital transformation gaining an even deeper foothold in the manufacturing environment, leaders must now face a twofold challenge: developing an understanding of where and how technology can enhance processes, and cultivating a workforce that has the capability to manage this new technology. Read about the three key talent strategies smart manufacturers must adopt to thrive in the digital age.

Optimise your ERP implementation: an interview with Dave Beldyk

Optimising your ERP investment ensures a solid foundation for more efficient business processes to support digital transformation. Dave Beldyk, President and Founder of DABCO Consulting LLC and a strategic partner of CCi, recently answered some key questions about how to succeed with ERP implementation in today’s manufacturing and supply chain environments.

Why culture is key in the modern manufacturing environment

Manufacturing leaders today have a vision of a symbiotic human-robot way of working. Achieving this vision requires the right capex and technology investments, and, more significantly, the right investment in the company’s culture. But what is company culture and what does it look like in a modern manufacturing environment?

5 steps to a smooth digital transformation

A meaningful digital transformation will require your organisation to rethink all aspects of how it operates. This change is necessary to maintain growth in today’s highly competitive marketplace. To successfully transform, your business needs a plan of action that is centred around the customer and the people within your company who get the work done.

A 3-step lean road map to ease the Brexit blues

Manufacturing companies are doing all they can to prepare for Brexit, but with the continued uncertainty about what form of exit will take place, it is proving difficult to plan effectively. Yet smart companies are viewing the uncertainty surrounding Brexit as a time to invest in continuous improvement and business transformation activities.

TRACC & POMS Conference: The changing world of work

With the changing world of work as its central theme, the TRACC & POMS Conference – held in Cape Town, South Africa in April – gave business leaders and CI practitioners the opportunity to explore the impact of Industry 4.0 on the business world. Read more about the key takeaways from the event, and the digital solutions that are helping leading organisations keep pace with disruptive change. 

4 smart supply chain technologies to bolster your bottom line

Supply chains have always been one of the key beneficiaries of digital progress. The advent of the internet, in particular, represented a massive turning point in how goods are moved, managed and monitored. In this blog, we explore the benefits that digitalisation, bolstered by the usage of new supply chain technologies, is bringing to the table.

The connected workforce: it’s all about people, not technology

Collaboration has long been the lifeblood of productivity and creativity in the workplace. Yet for many manufacturing executives, connecting machines to the plant, and, in turn, the plant to the back office remains a top priority. Much less of a concern appears to be the prospect of a seamlessly connected workforce.

5 hallmarks of a smart warehouse management system

Legacy systems traditionally used for warehouse management are inefficient in the modern era — even systems as little as five years old. So if you’re considering an upgrade or want to determine if your current WMS is still fit for purpose, look out for these five must-have qualities.