Unlock the benefits of a digital supply chain with TRACC

We’re delighted to announce the upcoming release of a new, upgraded version of TRACC, featuring exciting platform and content updates! Based on extensive research and user feedback, we’ve developed a sleeker, more intuitive, mobile-friendly platform that will enable you to unlock increased productivity, agility and digital capability across your value chain.


In a fast-moving digital landscape, change is the only constant. New technologies are heralding new opportunities, but, for many organizations, the pace and complexity of digital transformation can be daunting. Survival, and indeed, success, now depend on a willingness to adapt to new operating models and adopt new technologies to drive end-to-end transformation.

For over 35 years, we’ve been helping our clients successfully navigate their continuous improvement journeys and leverage emerging trends for sustained competitive advantage. In an increasingly digital world, keeping pace with change means integrating new technologies into all areas of your business to drive greater levels of speed, agility and flexibility. Digital disruption can no longer be ignored – that’s why we’ve developed solutions to prepare your organization for a digital transition.

Through in-depth research, engagement with subject matter experts and collaboration with valued clients such as Cargill, Diageo, Swire Beverages and more, we’ve identified the key challenges that organizational leaders face in the new world of work. As CCi’s Products Director, Jacques Matthee, explains: “Essentially, our clients are trying to define what digital means for them and their customers by asking how they can create more agility through organizational structuring; how they can get closer to their clients through automated processes; how they can harness data to make better decisions; what the security implications are, and so forth. The latest version of TRACC has been developed with these questions in mind and is designed to help leaders get a firm grip on these issues by creating a clear continuous improvement road map and action plan.”

Trends indicate that future-focused organizations have begun the shift from traditional corporate production systems to digital operating systems (DOS). Coined by Gartner, the term “digital operating systems” refers to the next generation of corporate production systems that combine continuous improvement principles with emerging technologies to improve efficiency through advanced analytics and enhanced digital capability.

DOS won’t change the fundamental purpose of corporate production systems, rather they will place greater emphasis on enhancing operational visibility and technological capability. Organizations now stand at the pinnacle of transformational change, but to mine the benefits of next-generation production systems, they will need to align people, processes, technology and data.


How TRACC orchestrates DOS

Implementing a digital operating system can be a complex undertaking – this is where TRACC comes in. With a modernized TRACC Platform and updated continuous improvement content, TRACC gives you the tools you need to design, run and optimize your end-to-end digital operating system for sustainable results through maturity-based best practice implementation.

TRACC recalibrates your entire organization for success – focusing not only on integrating digital technologies across your supply chain, but also on building a foundation of operational excellence that propels your organization toward its digital ambitions.

With TRACC you can:

  • Assess your current level of best practice maturity – to inform your transformation plan
  • Plan your DOS implementation road map – develop a maturity-based improvement journey, integrate work across functions, build capability and track progress
  • Execute and sustain improvements – make improvements visible, in real time, across the extended value network


“Establishing a set of assessments which enable us to get a clear view of our digital maturing across our businesses at IT and OT levels is a high priority for us right now.”
Dianne Milianta, Production Excellence Process Leader, Cargill


Upcoming features and updates

With a strong focus on integration, customization, reporting and data-driven insights, the upcoming TRACC Platform features will ensure that your manufacturing operations become the bedrock of an intelligent, connected, digital supply chain.

TRACC Platform features include:

  • Optimized platform for a seamless user experience
  • Enhanced reporting on improvement maturity and progress
  • Work bundle functionality to drive customized journeys and enhance performance outcomes
  • Increased integration options with client systems and OT such as MES, ERP, LMS and lineside systems for integrated dashboards
  • Comprehensive analytics to identify trends and drive data-driven improvement work and performance outcomes
  • Agile, more frequent feature releases


“TRACC Platform is now being embedded as the flagship system to help us achieve our performance ambitions, with some exciting opportunities still to come as the system functionality – including work bundles, an executive dashboard and enhanced system reporting – is developed further.”
Multinational beverage company


TRACC content upgrades

We regularly update TRACCs to reflect the latest industry best practice guidelines, including practical guidance to help you successfully transition to a digital operating system. Our latest content upgrades allow you to:

  • Keep up to date with global manufacturing trends, including new digital technologies
  • Get to the core of your business processes with enhanced assessment granularity
  • Enhance your user experience with new video and audio options
  • Focus on driving increased value with updated planning best practices
  • Strengthen key best practices such as problem-solving and daily operational reviews
  • Align your business with global 5S and EHS standards

To capitalize on the benefits of next-generation production systems – including improved efficiency, faster decision-making and E2E visibility – organizations need to take a maturity-based approach to operational excellence and technology adoption.

Wherever you are on your transformation journey, TRACC provides you with a proven road map to operational excellence, orchestrating across traditional production systems and digital operating systems for enhanced value creation and customer satisfaction.


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