Drive sustainable business performance with the TRACC Leader Standard Work App

Leader Standard Work App

In line with our continued efforts to help our clients drive and sustain continuous improvement gains during this challenging time, we are excited to announce the launch of CCi’s TRACC Leader Standard Work App.

Leader Standard Work (LSW) — the process of ensuring leadership activities that support and drive standard work are in place and consistently followed — is a powerful mechanism that creates alignment, builds consistency and drives value for the customer.

The application, which is flexible, customizable and cloud-based, standardizes leadership tasks at all levels and drives customer value through improved business performance. It makes implementing the practice of LSW easy and sustainable in an enterprise environment.


Why organizations struggle to implement leader standard work

Despite its well-known benefits, many organizations struggle with effectively managing and implementing LSW for several reasons, including a lack of adequate LSW knowledge, integration with the business imperatives, and useful tools to implement LSW.

While many organizations map and manage standard work through various lineside systems, LSW is often reliant on manual processes which are not visualized and cannot be tracked. Consequently, there is no real way that businesses can monitor or hold leaders accountable for the LSW practices they have in place.


Why the TRACC Leader Standard Work App?

The LSW application helps you identify LSW activities, link them to standard work and execute them in a consistent way across the business. This ensures that driving customer value becomes the focus of your entire organization, providing a major lift in key metrics such as productivity, costs, quality and delivery. Furthermore, LSW drives alignment, accountability and rapid induction, while simultaneously supporting a continuous improvement culture and coaching by doing.

A focus on LSW is particularly important in this time of crisis – it will ensure that hard-won CI gains are sustained over the coming months and that improvements don’t slip backwards. It also supports remote work and social distancing, and ensures people, practices and processes remain integrated.

With the TRACC Leader Standard Work App, you can:

  • Carry out standardized leadership activities effectively with practical guidance based on industry best practice
  • Identify the tasks that will deliver value and improve business performance at each level of leadership
  • Add customized content and tasks that are unique to your organization
  • Share information on relevant tasks and activities within the organization
  • Schedule tasks and activities to prioritize effectively
  • View task progress, identify trends and problem-solve with advanced reports and analytics
  • Track task activity on a single dashboard

What makes the TRACC Leader Standard Work App different?

The TRACC Leader Standard Work App is not a task manager, it is an enterprise system built on a deep understanding of the LSW activities that drive better business performance.

All leadership activities and priorities are set by the business and assigned to leaders across your organization – in this way, leaders at all levels can focus their efforts on the tasks that propel your business forward. The application comes standard with material (activities and resources) to direct best practice in terms of LSW. It also allows you to add customized material to support your business’s unique needs and processes.

The TRACC Leader Standard Work App is designed to function seamlessly across various devices, including mobile phones and tablets, and can be accessed in multiple languages.


Find out more about the TRACC Leader Standard Work App and how it can unlock superior performance in your organization.