Interview with Jay Milligan: CCi’s CEO reflects on his first 100 days

With over 30 years of operational leadership experience across a range of sectors, Jay Milligan joined CCi as CEO in June 2022. During his recent visit to CCi’s Cape Town office, Jay reflected on his first 100 days in his new role and offered some insight into CCi’s key strategic themes and his plans for the future.

Jay has spent much of his first 100 days at CCi engaging with clients to get a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges. These conversations helped inform his vision for CCi and the development of our strategic themes, which include: People first, Expanding solutions, Consistent global approach and Smart growth. “People first is without a doubt the most important theme that we have,” says Jay. “Our people are our greatest asset and so how we engage our people, train and develop them and bring them to the marketplace is critical to us as we go forward.”

Innovation remains a top priority at CCi, with a number of new solutions in the offing. “While TRACC is obviously our primary platform there are other solutions that we know our customers want,” explains Jay, “and so we’re trying to expand around that from consulting to other types of products and services.”


Jay’s plans for the rest of the year

Jay will attend CCi’s Europe TRACC Practitioners’ Roundtable in Edinburgh, Scotland in late September. The Roundtable is an opportunity for TRACC Community members from a range of organizations to connect, network and share key learnings on the road to continuous improvement success. “We’re going to do a site visit at a customer,” says Jay. “We’re going to have a lot of interaction and learning that we’re going to be sharing both ways. I’m very excited about getting back in front of our customers, visiting with them, learning from them and spending great quality time.”

Jay will spend the latter part of the year visiting clients in North America and Europe, and will also make a return trip to Cape Town. “My frequent flyer miles seem to be going up,” says Jay, “but this is exactly what I feel like I need to be doing, which is being out in the marketplace, meeting our customers, listening to them and working with our teams across the world.”

Watch the video above for the full interview with Jay.

Connect with Jay on LinkedIn here: Jay Milligan | LinkedIn